About Me

I am a professional nurse practicing for over 40 years and have been employed in a wide range of settings so I have seen first-hand the consequences of poor health for nurses and patients. During the past 10 years at the American Nurses Credentialing Center, I was the Assistant Director of the Credentialing Knowledge Center and developed educational programs for nurses throughout the US. In that role, I witnessed the stresses nurses experience on a day to day basis and how it impacts their health.

While working in an emergency room for 12 years, I also saw patients struggling with the long term effects of chronic diseases including diabetes, obesity and heart disease and how these diseases impacted their daily lives as well as their families.

Later while teaching nursing in an academic setting, I saw students balancing their health with their studies, work and their families. Frequently, their health declined and they were not able to be the healthy role models they intended to be.

In addition, I joined healthcare missions for several years to the Dominican Republic and Ecuador and witness the impact of communities changing from their native eating patterns to a Western diet with more animal food and dairy products. As they left their traditional way of eating, their health was significantly impacted and they experienced increased rates of diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

I have been fortunate to speak at many national, state and local nursing conferences to share the information about plant-based nutrition and the changes many can make to positively impact their health. I have a certificate in plant-based nutrition from eCornell and have another certificate in the Starch Solution Certificate Course with Dr. John McDougall, Health and Medical Center.

In addition, I have practiced plant-based nutrition for over 12 years and understand the challenges others sometimes experience when transitioning to this new way of eating. For some the change occurs quickly while others take longer to make the transition.

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Joanne Evans MEd, RN, PMHCNS-BC
Executive Director
Healthy Nurses…Healthy Communities®,LLC